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Press Releases

Artistic Pfister® Faucet with Unique Handle Integration Adds Stand-Out Design to Showroom Line

LAKE FOREST, Calif.-December 1, 2015-Pfister® continues to lead the industry in kitchen fixtures with the recent launch of its first artistic faucet design with an integrated handle that delivers a contemporary, modern appearance. Now, the company is expanding and upgrading this eye-catching design into the showroom line with the introduction of the Kai™ Kitchen Faucet.  

Kai places importance on a stand-out design that becomes the centerpiece of the kitchen. Inspired by artistic attributes found in sculptures, Pfister rethought the interaction of the faucet handle with the fixture's body, molding it into the product versus making it a separate piece. Its unique appearance draws attention and creates a conversation starter as art for the kitchen.      

"Faucets are no longer a secondary thought in kitchen remodels and builds - the design is becoming a main focal point of the room," said Tim Burdett, marketing manager for Pfister. "Kai places importance on enhancing functionality with purposeful features that also enrich the aesthetics of the room. This faucet shows a glimpse into the future of Pfister and the distinct intention put into each product development." 


Kai places importance on a unique, stand-out design that becomes the centerpiece of the kitchen. 

Kai pushes the limit in both design and manufacturing, resulting in a faucet that has unparalleled quality. Unlike other pull-down faucets, Pfister removed the break in the spout by creating a largely flared sprayhead to the spout tube, eliminating lines and creating a seamless and smooth look that ends in a peekaboo hidden sprayhead. When removed, the sprayhead offers a highly detailed, luxurious look that is completely unique to the marketplace - combining a high-gloss, pillowed texture with a sleek, matte black finish.  

Additional features of the faucet include:  

• Three-Function Pull-Down Sprayhead: Spray, pause and stream functions
• MultiMount™: 1-, 2-, 3- and 4-hole installations
• Pfister Pforever Warranty®: Covers finish and function for life

The design of Kai offers a top-of-the-line look and feel while adding sophistication to the operation. The approach is changing the way consumers and the industry look at faucets by showing the impact they can have on kitchen aesthetics. 
Kai will be available in showrooms across the U.S. starting in December 2015. The faucet will be offered in Polished Chrome, Stainless Steel and Matte Black finishes, with an MSRP of $575 to $650. An optional soap pump also will be available that matches the artistic and focal design. For more information, visit


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