Single handle pull-out kitchen faucet (538 & T538series) BIXBY - install - troubleshoot

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1. Leaking/Noisy Operation:
If the unit is leaking from the handle, leaking at the base, dripping from the spout or making noise when the faucet is turned on or off, you would need to replace the cartridge assembly (974-074) along with the retainer ring (962-075).

2. Handle operation:
If the handle becomes loose, hard and stiff to operate or does not stay on the correct position (falls or droops down from desired position), replace the cartridge (974-074) as well as the retainer ring (962-075).

3. Water restriction/No pressure:
If there is water restriction or no pressure in water flow, please check fo the following:

Step I:   Make sure water supply is turned on fully.  
Step II:  Make sure supply lines are flushed and there are no kinks in hoses.
Step III: Check the pull out spout for any debris that may have collected during repair or installation.

Do this by unscrewing spout (counter clockwise) from the hose extension. Direct hose into drain and turn water on. If the pressure of the flow is greater, you will need to replace the pull out spout (920-624a) - polished chrome; (920-624s) - stainless steel. If debris, water sediment or calcium deposits collect within the spray spout, the function will be obstructed and cause leaking, restriction or insufficient diversion.

4. Pull out spout:
If the pull out spout no longer switches between spray and stream completely, leaks or is broken/cracked, the entire spray spout will have to be replaced. The part numbers for the pull out spouts: (920-624a) - polished chrome; (920-624s) - stainless steel.

5. Leaking pull out hose:

If the pull out hose is leaking at the quick connect or threads, has a crack or break in the tubing then hose will need to be replaced. The hose part number is (951-069).

6. How to install the 538 Bixby:

To see video instructions on how to install a 538 Bixby faucet, please click on the link below. 

Bixby one hole mount video instructions:


Bixby three hole mount (with deckplate) video instructions:

7. Quick connect:
If your faucet appears to be leaking from the "quick connect" connection, the qucik connect will need to be replaced. The part number for the hose quick connect is (951-075)


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