Stellen Kitchen Collection

Stellen Kitchen Collection

Stellen LG-529-SAC

Euro Glam

Made for minimalist lovers and small spaces, Stellen's modern spout is one continuous line. You'd never guess there was a three function, pull-down spray head hidden in such simplicity. If you typically buy for looks but keep for practicality, with Stellen you'll get both.

Stellen Kitchen Testimonial

“Stellen's minimalist design has a distinctively linear spray head that is different from the common bell- shaped kitchen pull-down faucet. ”

- Melissa Zellner, Product Marketing Manager

  • Accudock
    Advanced spray head docking technology secures tight connection to faucet spout.
  • Pforever Seal
    Pforever Seal
    Advanced ceramic disc valve technology with a never leak guarantee.
  • 3-function Spray Head
    3-function Spray Head
    There’s much to be said for tradition, especially in the kitchen. Avalon’s gracefully curved spout and unfussy lines bring to mind the best of what this comforting center of your home represents. As for quality, that’s timeless too. And it shines in every piece in this collection.
  • React
    Convenient touch-free response activated technology.