Miri 2.0 Kitchen Collection

Miri 2.0 Kitchen Collection

Miri 2.0

A Classic, Reimagined

Following the success of the Miri™ kitchen faucet, we’ve developed a new version that’s overflowing with features. Meet Miri 2.0™. Now with MagnePfit™ and Auto-Align™ technologies, the pull-down spray head positions and secures itself after each use so you don’t have to. And with TopPfit™ installation, you can easily install your faucet in a matter of minutes. Aside from functionality, Miri 2.0™ is a stunner. The sculpted handle, soft yet sturdy profile, and graceful curves embody a transitional style that will catch any guest’s attention. Miri 2.0™ really has it all.

  • Magnepfit
    Features powerful magnets keep your spray head firmly secured and looking seamless. Say goodbye to dangling and messy looking spray heads.
  • toppfit
    Install easily from above the counter.
    No yoga pose required. 
  • auto-align
    Removes the need for manual alignment and positioning of your spray head. Threaded grooves work to re-orient the spray head with the toggle buttons facing in or out.