Ceylon Collection

Ceylon Kitchen Collection

Ceylon Collection

Revolutionizing Kitchen Tasks

Ceylon™ transcends kitchen faucet functionality. Its Pivot™ Spray Head tilts forward and backward so you can direct water to every square inch of your sink. Fill tall pots and pans, spray hard-to-reach areas, and clean dishes, all while keeping the spray head docked. A stack of plates in your sink? No problem. Pivot™ lets you tilt the spray head to direct water over the clutter and get where you need to. The spray head also pulls down and has 3 different modes, offering incredible utility. Featuring an elevated, contemporary design and a slim, cylindrical silhouette, Ceylon™ is a statement piece that will revolutionize the way you use your faucet.

Ceylon Pivot Feature

Pivot™ Spray Head

Tilt the spray head forward or backward to clean dishes, rinse the sink, and fill pots and pans.

  • Pivot™ and Pull-Down Spray Head: The spray head tilts and pulls down, an ergonomic feat in kitchen faucet functionality.
  • Easy to Use: Easily tilt the spray head over clutter in your sink and direct water exactly where you need it. The spray head stays in the angled position, freeing your hands to do other things. Simply tilt it back when you’re finished.
  • Full Coverage: Pivot™ technology provides water coverage to all areas of your sink while the spray head is docked or undocked.

  • Magnepfit
    Features powerful magnets keep your spray head firmly secured and looking seamless. Say goodbye to dangling and messy looking spray heads.
  • toppfit
    Install easily from above the counter.
    No yoga pose required. 
  • Spot Defense
    Spot Defense®

    Prevents build-up of water spots and fingerprints.

  • 3-function Spray Head
    3-function Spray Head
    Choose from three different spray settings: spray, stream, and pause.