Drinking Water.

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Equipped with the trusted GE® 2X Highflow Filtration System, Pfister faucets with Xtract provide advanced filtration of contaminants — beyond what filter pitchers, refrigerator filters, or even faucet mounts can do.

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Drink Up the Facts

Are you using bottled water, a filter pitcher, or a filter mount on your faucet head? Here are some reasons why an enhanced filter method is a good choice.

Unbottle the Truth

Americans drink more bottled water every year. Partly because they're Americans. But also because they believe it's safer and better than tap water. It's not.

  1. Fact #1
    Woman drinking bottled water

    Purified Water

    The label "purified water" doesn't guarantee that the water is from a mountain spring. Often, bottling companies purchase municipal tap water, put it through a filtration process, bottle it, and then sell it back to consumers for hundreds to thousands times the cost.

  2. Fact #2
    5 of every 6 bottles

    5 out of 6

    Plastic bottles are improperly recycled. Also, some plastic bottles are shipped overseas for cheaper recycling.

  3. Fact #3
    Oil barrels

    17 Million

    17 Million oil barrels are used in the production of plastic water bottles each year. Enough to fuel 1,000,000 cars for one year.

  4. Fact #4
    Gallons of water

    6.74 Gallons

    The amount of water that is used in the production and transportation of a 1-liter water bottle.

  5. Fact #5

    1 Liter

    Fossil fuel used in the production and transport of 1 plastic bottle, emitting 1.2lb of greenhouse gases.

Bottle Crusher.

Why pay more for bottled water? Bottled water has a huge impact on the environment, it costs significantly more than tap water, and is less regulated. Discover Pfister's innovative new way to get great-tasting, filtered water.

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