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The Transitional Style blends rustic charm with modern simplicity to achieve a look of casual sophistication. Transitional interiors are perfect for active households looking for comfort and practicality, without sacrificing style.

Transitional Kitchen

The Basics of Transitional Style

Traditional Colors


The Transitional palette often has subtle, muted colors such as light blue, beige, or grey to create a calm and comfortable atmosphere, but includes pops of vibrant hues to add a contemporary flair.

Traditional Patterns


Transitional interiors incorporate playful and whimsical textures and patterns such as Moroccan-inspired wallpaper and sheepskin rugs.

Traditional Forms


Combining straight lines and curves, Transitional furniture features clean and simple forms, without ornamentation. The result is versatile and timeless designs that coordinate well with vintage or modern decor.

What Makes a Transitional Faucet

1Straight Lines
Straight lines on the spray head
modernize the faucet, balancing
classic details with modern simplicity.

2Decorative Rings
Decorative rings reflect the ornamental
details found in traditional crown
molding and stairway banisters.

3Clean Form
The arching curve of the lever
is traditional in style, but its clean
form adds a modern twist.

4Teardrop Shape
Careful blending of traditional curves
and contemporary lines creates an
elegant teardrop shape that expresses
simple sophistication.

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