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Sleek, bold, and edgy, the Contemporary style makes a strong design statement. Contemporary designs focus on the simplicity of pure lines, shapes, and forms to create a look of sleek minimalism. It is ideal for creative and adventurous spirits who seek artistic expression in their surroundings.

Contemporary Kitchen

The Basics of Contemporary Style

Traditional Colors


The Contemporary palette often features pure black and white, with an unexpected punch of brightness in a wide range of vibrant tones.

Traditional Patterns


Bold geometric patterns, sleek metallics, and black wood and leather can often be found in Contemporary interiors.

Traditional Forms


Modern silhouettes are streamlined and slim, but not fragile. The focus is on clean lines and smooth surfaces, without extraneous details.

What Makes a Contemporary Faucet

1Clean Edge
The tip of the spout ends in a clean edge
for a sleek and minimal aesthetic.

2Slim Spout
The robust, but slim spout emphasizes function
and form over traditional ornamentation.

3Intersecting Forms
Symmetrical, intersecting forms reflect
the industrial details of modern buildings.

4Geometric Shape
The circular geometric shape draws the
eye to the intentionally minimal design.

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