Verve Bathroom Collection

Verve Bathroom Collection

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Luxury built to your precise specifications.

Customize your faucet to be the perfect fit for you and your bathroom.

What will you create with the Verve™ collection?
STEP 1: Select your spout
STEP 2: Select your handle
Verve 2-Handle 8" Widespread Bathroom Faucet (LG49-VRV1C) with Verve Cross Handle Kit (HHL-VRVXC)
STEP 3: Buy your Verve™ creation at your local showroom
Verve 2-Handle 8" Widespread Bathroom Faucet (LG49-VRV1C)
with Verve Cross Handle Kit (HHL-VRVXC)



Enhance Your Space
Experience the luxurious flow with a laminar ribbon stream cascading from the spout.
Sophisticated Details
“The design of this collection combines simplicity without being too stark. It’s bold yet elegant to match a refined bathroom style.” – Cameron Potter – Senior Industrial Designer, Pfister
Tailored for Your Taste
The Bauhaus-inspired design has a touch of transitional elements and offers you the ability to mix and match handle finishes for further customization.

Everyday Innovations

Verve Collection
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Cartridges mounted under the countertop enable ultra-slim products with minimalist profiles

  • Customizable Handles
    Customizable Handles
    Choose from cross, lever or t-handles
  • Laminar Flow
    Laminar Flow
    Non-aerated, smooth, crystal clear tube of water. (Ribbon spout only)
  • All Metal Construction
    All Metal Construction
    All metal construction for durability.
  • Ultra Seal
    Ultra Seal™
    UltraSeal All metal 1/4 turn cartridge for superior durability and handle feel.