Tenet Bathroom Collection

Tenet Bath Collection

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Epitome of purposefully minimalist design.

Carefully curate your space with sophisticated minimalism.

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Tenet Lever Handles
Tenet Lever Handles

Collection Features

Custom-build your collection by choosing your handle style.
Homage to Minimalism

The Tenet Collection captures the visionary perspective of Mies Van Der Rohe, famous American-German architect, by paying homage to every aspect of true modernism.

Through carefully curated design and engineering, we’ve made each fixture work smarter while retaining beauty and simplicity. Giving you everything you need and nothing you don’t, making Tenet a true minimalist masterpiece.

A True Minimalist Inspired Design


-Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe

If “Less Is More” sounds familiar, you have Mies Van Der Rohe to thank. Serving as a pioneer in the modern architectural design movement, Mies extolled the beauty of minimalism for the entirety of his vaunted 40-year career.

Mies' Masterpieces

Mies tactfully created each masterpiece with a number of mandatories in mind: It had to become an integral part of its natural environment, use materials that suited its surroundings, and adhere to the highest level of craftsmanship.

Tenet Materials
Every Detail Counts

Did we mention its stunning beauty too?

This all-brass collection is for the true minimalist that values perfect proportion, extreme precision, and versatile functionality. Through-and-through Tenet truly affirms that no detail was left behind.

Above Deck Installation

Under-the-Deck Installation

Cartridges mounted under the counter top enable ultra-slim products with minimalist profiles.


Shower Column

  • Upgrade your shower without breaking tile!
  • Can be installed in existing shower without replacing a valve or trim.
  • Includes diverter integrated into hand held shower, allowing easy transition between showerhead and hand held shower.


Integrated Tub/Shower Diverters

Innovations powering minimalist design. Seamless, built-in solutions for diverting water.

Hand Held Shower
Free Standing Tub Filler
Tub Spout
  • Push Button Diverter
    Diverter Button
    A diverter button on the hand shower diverts water flow from the shower head to the hand shower.
  • Integrated Diverter
    Integrated Diverter
    The shower cradle doubles as diverter.

Everyday Innovations
  • Customizable Handles
    Customizable Handles
    Choose from levers or optional cross handles.
  • Under-the-Deck Valves
    Cartridges mounted under the counter top for cleaner installation.
  • Laminar Flow
    Laminar Flow
    Non-aerated, smooth, crystal clear tube of water.
  • All Metal Construction
    All Metal Construction
    All metal construction for durability.
  • Ultra Seal
    Ultra Seal™
    UltraSeal All metal 1/4 turn cartridge for superior durability and handle feel.
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Pairs well with any decor