Hillstone Bathroom Collection

Hillstone Bathroom Collection

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Hillstone Collection

Perfect Harmony

When you look at the Hillstone™ collection, you can almost hear the harmony between its fine details and geometric forms. These industrial style bathroom faucets and fixtures are stunning! They’re clean, elegant, and have poise we can all aspire to. You can see subtle knurling details on high points and levers, and you can feel durability and strength within the structural and metal components. This collection adds a modern, industrial flare to traditional bathrooms and makes an elevated statement in contemporary spaces. Whatever your home’s design language is, Hillstone™ speaks it.

  • Push Button Diverter
    Push Button Diverter

    Toggle water from tub spout to showerhead with the touch of a button. 

  • Push & Seal
    Push & Seal™
    No tools required. Simply press to seal and again to open.
  • Secure Pfit
    Secure Pfit™
    Direct handle-to-valve connection for precise temperature control.
  • Ultra Seal
    Ultra Seal™
    UltraSeal All metal 1/4 turn cartridge for superior durability and handle feel.