Capistrano Bathroom Collection

Capistrano Bathroom Collection

Capistrano Collection

Innovation at Your Fingertips

We created Capistrano™ for design enthusiasts and innovation seekers. This bathroom collection meets at the intersection of raw industrial and refined farmhouse, adding warmth and beauty to any space. But the refined industrial aesthetic isn’t the only reason we’re breaking ground with Capistrano™ — our focus on functionality paved the way for two unique features. The completely new and cutting-edge Push Button Diverter lets you toggle water from tub spout to showerhead with the touch of a button, while HydroFuse™ Spray technology creates an invigorating, spa-like shower experience. Go ahead, live a little.

  • Push Button Diverter
    Push Button Diverter

    Toggle water from tub spout to showerhead with the touch of a button. 

  • Spot Defense
    Spot Defense®

    Prevents build-up of water spots and fingerprints.

  • TiteSeal™
    Easy to install deckplate eliminates the need for putty or silicone.
  • Push & Seal
    Push & Seal™
    No tools required. Simply press to seal and again to open.
  • Pfast Connect™
    Pfast Connect™
    Securely connect water supply lines with a quick click.