Ashfield Bath Collection

Ashfield Bath Collection

Inspired by Victorian-era water pumps
Ashfield 042-YP0Y

Pump and Circumstance

Feel like you're roughing it without all the elbow grease. Ashfield is the sleek answer for sinks that just beg for a trough faucet. Fans of the rustic look find this stylized collection perfect for that beach or cabin vibe.

Ashfield Testimonial

“Ashfield is a work of art through the eras, not only evoking memories of the countryside but also the yearning for a simpler life. ”

- Aaron Hanna, Manager Industrial Design

  • Pforever Seal
    Pforever Seal™
    Advanced ceramic disc valve technology with a never leak guarantee.
  • Ultra Seal
    Ultra Seal™
    UltraSeal All metal 1/4 turn cartridge for superior durability and handle feel.
  • Secure Pfit
    Secure Pfit™
    Direct handle-to-valve connection for precise temperature control.