Pfister Debuts New Brand Expression

May 16, 2011

Price Pfister® Simplifies Name to Pfister; Embodies Timeless Evolution of the Brand

Lake Forest, California (May 2011) -  Price Pfister, a leader in the residential faucet and fixture industry for more than 100 years, has recently renewed investment in its brand identity. These new marketing efforts aim to best position the company for another century of helping homeowners create spaces they love. In the process, the brand has decided to simplify its name to “Pfister.” 

“Longevity, in any industry, is a result of a brand’s flexibility to evolve and grow while remaining timeless and true to its core values and identity,” said Greg Williamson, vice president, Sales and Marketing, Pfister. “We’re embracing our century of rich history and experience, and using it to propel us forward and ensure that we continue to connect with homeowners and plumbers, and to fulfill our mission of providing lifetime quality products that help make the house a home.” 

Some Things Change, Values Remain the Same 

To complement the name simplification, Pfister also is launching a series of new sales and marketing efforts to support the rebrand, including: a new logo treatment, updated product packaging, a remodeled website, and greater engagement with consumers through social media. 

• Pfister logo treatment – The “Pf” in Pfister is an iconic feature of the brand name. Many consumers will recall past broadcast and print advertising in which the tagline was “the pfabulous pfaucet with the pfunny name.” The overall aesthetic of the new logo is current yet timeless, and the new “f” styling in Pfister even subtly resembles the shape of a faucet. • Pfister theme line – The new theme line, "It’s The Experience That Matters,” speaks to the importance the brand places on the consumer’s experience with its products, service, or within their own home, as well as the rich experience and 100-year history of the brand itself. 
• Packaging – The new, 100 percent recyclable product packaging will begin to hit shelves this summer and will feature the updated logo treatment and greater product information on the back panel, including: details on the lifetime warranty, configuration, and additional materials needed for installation. The instructions also have been simplified and will include updated imagery in an effort to make them even easier to follow. 
• Website – New black and white imagery of Pfister faucets helping to provide a space for families and friends to enjoy rich, emotional experiences takes center stage on the new Pfister webpage, These images serve as a visual expression of the importance the brand places on the experience of the consumer – whether it is with the product itself, customer service, or within their own home. The site is more user-friendly, and offers homeowners the opportunity to sign up for a monthly newsletter featuring home design trends, tips and contests. Site visitors also will find helpful resources such as installation videos, answers to FAQs and locations where Pfister products can be purchased
• Social Media Engagement – Pfister became more engaged in the social media space throughout 2010, and has entered 2011 with an even greater commitment to connecting with consumers through meaningful, two-way dialogues online. Pfister is on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and is continuing to develop relationships with influential bloggers daily. 

While the website and packaging will have a fresh new look, Pfister's commitment to providing inspirational style at an attainable price will remain the same. Pfister also will continue to provide a Lifetime Warranty guaranteeing the function and finish of its products for life. 

100 Year Heritage 

In 1910, Emil Price and William Pfister began a small company, which they logically named, Price Pfister. That same year, they introduced their first product – the garden faucet. Sales success of the outdoor faucet led to the design, development and creation of an ever-expanding product lineup, which has evolved over a century to the industry-leading faucet brand that Pfister is today. Other notable historic milestones include: 
• 1930: Pfister “Make a Shower” debuts on the market giving homeowners an easy way to convert their bath into a shower. 
• 1980: Pfister perfects the Pforever Seal™, becoming the first manufacturer to use ceramic cartridge technology on its product lines. The innovation enables the brand to offer lifetime guarantee against leaks and drips. 
• 2008: Ashfield®, Kenzo™ and Saxton™ faucets meet the EPA’s WaterSense® standards. The Kenzo™ Wallmount Lavatory Faucet also becomes the industry’s first wallmount trough faucet. 
• March 2010: Consumers Digest honors Petaluma™ Two-Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet with the “Best Buy” distinction in the kitchen faucet category. 
• Feb. 2011: Pfister introduces Elevate™ EXT, the first adjustable height standard kitchen faucet available at retail. For more historical detail, visit:

About Pfister

Pfister, a Stanley Black & Decker Hardware and Home Improvement Group (HHI) company based in Lake Forest, Calif., has been a leading manufacturer of residential kitchen and bath fixtures for more than 100 years. Black & Decker, which recently merged with Stanley, also celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2010. Pfister products are differentiated by excellent quality and backed by a Lifetime Warranty, which covers finish and function for the life of the product. HHI has a global sales force and operates manufacturing and distribution facilities in the US, Canada, Mexico, and Asia. For more information on Pfister products, call 1-800-Pfaucet (1-800-732-8238) or visit

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