Universal Tub & Shower
universal tub & shower

Install It Yourself

No Demolition Required

You no longer have to tear down the shower wall to get your dream bathroom. Install a new tub and shower in just an hour.

Universal Tub & Shower fits a variety of valves from Pfister®, Delta®, or Moen®, saving you time and money.

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Save Time & Money

Universal Tub & Shower can save up to $3000 The national average cost of installing a new tub & shower is $1500-3000 and requires 24-48 hours of labor.

HGTV Designer Lisa LaPorta

Updating your bathroom is easy with Universal Tub & Shower. Interior designer Lisa LaPorta shows you how.

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Upgrading Your Tub & Shower is Easier than Ever.

This innovative upgrade kit is designed to fit 8 commonly installed valves from Pfister®, Delta®, and Moen®.
Eliminating the need to replace your valve, Universal Tub & Shower helps save time and money.

  • Pfister® Standard
    Pfister - Standard
  • Delta® Monitor
    Delta - Monitor
  • Delta® 600 Series Diamond
    Delta - 600 Series Diamond
  • Moen® Standard
    Moen - Standard
  • Pfister® Bodyguard
    Pfister - Bodyguard
  • Delta® 600 Series Round Stem
    Delta - 600 Series Round Stem
  • Moen® Posi-Temp
    Moen Posi-Temp /><span class=
  • Moen® Moentrol
    Moen - Moentrol

Available in a Variety of Styles & Finishes

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