Q: How much does custom design cost?

A: On an average 250 unit job, custom design is the same price point as existing designs from our competitors.

Q: How long does custom design take?

A: 8 weeks if design consensus can be reached with our industrial design team within 1 week of idea submittal.

Q: What is the minimum # of units I can request for custom design?

A: There are no minimums, but cost will be based on number of units needed (more units = less cost), see question #1

Q: Who owns my custom design, will you sell it elsewhere?

A: PFISTER respects and protects all custom design requests – we will never sell your design to any other customers unless a licensing agreement is reached between designer (you) and PFISTER.

Q: Do you have green/water conserving options?

A: Yes, all PFISTER custom designs are available in low flow & EPA water-sense certified options as requested by designer/property ownership.

Q: How do I ensure spare parts will be available for a custom design?

A: All PFISTER valves/working parts are existing designs and 100% interchangeable with all professional grade/existing Price Pfister SKU’s sold today. We also provide 5% of your order volume in spare parts free of charge to the job site in case a custom handle/spout needs to be replaced. Additionally, PFISTER stores all custom design tools and can re-create parts as needed for remodels, etc. with limited lead times (30 days average).

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