How do I fix a ceramic disk type cartridge?


1. Rotate the faucet spout to the side, and raise the handle. Remove the setscrew, using a screwdriver, and lift off the handle.

2. Remove the escutcheon cap. Remove the cartridge mounting screws, and pull out the cylinder.


3. Remove the neoprene seals from the cylinder openings.


4. Clean the cylinder openings and the neoprene seals with an abrasive pad. Rinse the cylinder with clear water.

5. Return the seals to the cylinder openings, and reassemble the faucet. Move the handle to the ON position, then slowly open the shutoff valves. When the water runs steadily, close the faucet. Ceramic discs can be cracked by bursts of air from the supply system, so be careful.

6. Install a new cylinder only if the faucet continues to leak after it's been cleaned.



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