How do I retrofit/ upgrade an old 09series trim to a new one?




Remove handle assembly and flange assembly (if old trim is already installed). Shut-off water supply to the valve, from the main supply line or integral stops (if equipped). Unscrew collar nut (A), from valve body and replace it with the Retrofit Nut/Adaptor (B). Turn on water supply.


Attach Trim:

a)  Position flange (C) in line with the valve body, drain hole (D), at the bottom.

b)  Attach protective washer (E), to the short end of the retainer sleeve (F). Screw retainer sleeve on to the Retrofit Nut/Adaptor. If the short end of the sleeve is too short, reverse it to us the longer end. Tighten retainer sleeve by hand until the rim of the flange is flush to the finished wall surface.

c)  Attach handle and secure with the screw. If handle is rubbing with the flange, install the stem extension (G) provided.


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