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Explore Styles: Traditional

Combining classic architectural forms and detailing, Traditional designs feature intricate Old World motifs and charming French Country accents. It’s the ideal style for those who appreciate the character and craftsmanship that comes with age.

The Basics of Traditional Style

  • Traditional Colors


    The Traditional palette is primarily composed of rich colors and deep hues balanced by warm mid-range tones such as taupe and pear green.

  • Traditional Patterns


    Florals, muted plaids, understated stripes, damask, tone-on-tone, and small all-over patterns are hallmarks of traditional design.

  • Traditional Forms


    With an emphasis on refinement and craftsmanship, traditional furniture is often enhanced by curved shapes and adorned with handmade details and carvings.

What Makes a Traditional Faucet

Stylized Handle
The stylized handle is evocative of
Victorian water pumps, a nostalgic
reference to a simpler way of life.

Fountain Spout
The open trough spout is a historical
reference to classical fountains
The shape is ideal for filling
basins and artistically displaying
the flow of water.

Beveling Details
Beveling details mimic Colonial crown
molding, a nod to our American roots.

Classical Pediment
Reminiscent of a Grecian pediment, the
base cements the faucet's overall classical style.

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